Varipack know-how on packaging films

At Varipack, we use customized mono and composite materials for your packaging.
In a personal discussion with you we evaluate your requirements for your flexible packaging.
Among other things, the following factors are included in the evaluation for your packaging:

  • Machinability (COF)
  • Sealing properties
  • Barrier properties (WDD, OTR)
  • Product resistance
  • Thermal stability (TK, RT, pasteurisation, sterilization)
  • Mechanical properties (drop test)
  • Organoleptic properties
  • Thickness reduction

We use the following, non-exhaustive, list of materials for our customers:


Polyethylene without OTR-Barrier

  • HDPE                       High density Polyethylene (Twist wrap, etc.)
  • LDPE                        Low density Polyethylene (Standard, AS, UV, linearly tearable)
  • LLDPE C4                Linear low density Polyethylene Buten
  • LLDPE C8                Linear low density Polyethylene Octen
  • LLDPE wsw             Linear low density Polyethylene white-black-white (light protection)
  • mPE                         Metallocen Polyethylene (best sealing properties even trough filling product)
  • mPE Org                  Metallocen Polyethylene (with regard to sensory properties very neutral)
  • PE Peel                    Peel Polyethylene (Peeling force variable on PE)
  • PE PEEL ALU          Peel Polyethylene (Peelable on aluminium with or without AF)
  • PE AF                       Polyethylene Antifog (AF Cold Fog 0.5°C or 4°C)
  • PE reclosable           Polyethylene resealable

Polyethylen with OTR-Barrier

  • PE EVOH PE                      5-layer Polyethylene with Etyhlenvinylalcohol (also with peel, AF)
  • PE PA EVOH PA PE          7-layer Polyethylene with Etyhlenvinylalcohol (also with peel, AF)


  • PP Copolymer                     Polypropylene (also with peel and  AF Cold Fog 0.5°C or 4°C)
  • PP TK                                  Polypropylene  (special blend for  freezing temperatures)
  • PP Block-Copolymer          Polypropylene for very high sealing- and folding requirements
  • PP EVOH PP                      5-layers Polypropylene with Etyhlenvinylalcohol (also with peel, AF)
  • PP PA EVOH PA PP          7-layers Polypropylene with Etyhlenvinylalcohol (also with peel, AF)

Oriented Polypropylene

  • OPP Plain                Glossy, low  cloudiness, not sealable
  • OPP Coex                Polypropylene co-extruded (sealable with itself)
  • OPP Acryl                Polypropylene acryl-coated on both sides (sealable with itself)
  • OPP LTS                 Polypropylene sealable at low temperatures
  • OPP SIOX               Polypropylene co-extruded (sealable with itself, high barrier)
  • OPP Twist               Polypropylene with twist properties
  • OPP lap seal           Polypropylene for the use with PE
  • OPP MET                Polypropylene metal-coated on one side, other side Coex or Acryl
  • OPP White              Polypropylene solid white or pearlized
  • OPP mat                 Used for optimal visual and haptic presentation


  • PET corona VD        Standard support layer and  overheating protection foil
  • PET chem VD          high color binding force
  • PET isotrop              for special requirements such as perfect  flatness and MD/TD stability
  • PET MET                 Various coating thickness for optimal barrier properties
  • PET mat                   Used for optimal visual and haptic presentation
  • PET SIOX                Various variants
  • PET ALOX               various variants
  • PET TWIST              Polyester with twist properties


  • CPA                         cast Polyamid (deep drawing, puncture resistance, barrier)
  • OPA                         oriented Polyamid (puncture resistance, barrier)
  • OPA SIOX               Strong barrier properties


  • Twist Paper              Paper with twist properties
  • Kraft paper                bleached, optimal flatness for machines
  • Kraft Paper               Resistant to humidity
  • Natural Paper           not bleached brown
  • Paper / PE                Kraft Paper coated, with PE-sealing foil
  • Paper / ALU             Glue- or wax laiminated
  • Paper / ALU / PE     Glue- or wax laiminated
  • Paper / PE EVOH    Co-exdruded

Various materials

  • ALU                          Aluminium with thicknesses of 7, 8, 12µm
  • Organic foils            Biodegradable foils