Industrial sectors

The right materials are a must for bakery products, but at the same time they should  present the product on the shop shelf in an appealing way. Here, too, the interplay of design, printing technology and composite material is decisive for the match. We have a great deal of experience in producing flat bags or fow bags for bakery mixes, yeast wrapping papers, paper bags made of composite paper, PE or aluminum.

The appropriate flexible packaging protects and presents your meat products perfectly. Meat products each require an individual packaging solution. Whether packaged in flow packs, deep-drawn trays with lower or upper film or bags, the requirements for the packaging film are very diverse, from machinability, durability, appearance, convenience to disposal. Whether with or without gas barrier, with peel or antifog, we have the know-how for the correct packaging of your meat products.

You need the most suitable packaging to safely pack your fruit or vegetables? We have the packaging films and the knowledge to produce the perfect packaging for your product. Printed with high-quality flexo or gravure printing, our packaging cover all the requirements during processing on your machines up to the thermal treatment (pasteurization / sterilization).

Varipack’s extensive product range includes thermoformable and flexible films as well as sustainable paper composite solutions, waxed wrapping papers, tubular bags and resealable films.

The success of your product is based on the content as well as on the appropriate packaging. This is especially true for children’s products. When it comes to children’s health, parents play it safe. Our packaging solutions meet the latest technological standards for deepest migration (e.g., POSH), sensing, or alternatives to aluminum barriers.

Forage brands rely on well-proven packaging solutions. The demands on this kind of packaging are very high. You will receive from us a packaging with specially selected raw materials to meet your high demands such as deepest migration, test of residual solvent and sensory properties.

Packaging materials for pharmaceutical products are bound to tight tolerance limits. We are happy to assist you with our know-how.

Cleaning agents, softeners or detergents require a specific packaging solution. Since these media are either acidic or alkaline and often also have various fragrances in the composition, the packaging used requires the necessary chemical stability. Our composites are tested for 3 months in a storage test at RT and 40 ° C with the original product.

Convenient and environmentally friendly packaging solutions for sauces and dressings are desired by the consumer. Whether dry or damp, we have solutions that are perfectly adapted to your products. We attach great importance to innovative, economical and ecologically sustainable packaging.

We produce packaging with various requirements such as chocolate twist wrap, compostable films,  packaging film for chocolate Easter bunny and Christmas chocolate.

Sweets’ packaging is more demanding than commonly thought. They should separate the “inside” from the “outside”, endure heat or cold and still be easy to remove.

The product tobacco requires a packaging solution with the lowest residual solvent content and sensory properties that are  also required for water packaging. In order to meet these high standards, we use special raw materials for these products, which also meet a Robinson test. In addition to LF lamination and special colors, we use a PE film, which is also used, for example, in packaging for still water.

Pasta, apart from the eggs, have a simple basic recipe but a lot of potential for variations. Whether spaghetti, hornli or muesli, we have the right packaging.

“Popsicles” is growing in popularity, not only among the youngest. To make sure that the ice cream looks and tastes really good, it needs the right printing process in combination with appropriate PE papers. Let us convince you of our print samples.